API Women’s Leadership Initiative – September 19, 2015

API Womens Summit 2015.png

Since 2013, over ten partners and collaborators have worked to develop an Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Women’s Leadership Initiative, which a focus on newcomer API immigrants and refugees. As the largest non-white and fastest growing racial/ethnic group in Alameda County, Asian and Pacific Islanders (APIs) are in a strong position to ensure that their communities remain healthy, and women will play a big role in supporting their families and communities in this effort. 

The goal of the initiative is to build a grassroots, pan-API dialogue of immigrant and refugee women community leaders committed to building healthy communities. Through popular education methods, the events seek to address specific leadership skills, movement-building strategies, and community actions to ensure that immigrant Bay Area API communities remain healthy, successful, and prosperous. 

The Leadership Initiative builds upon a unique and powerful approach: building community and connections as a key strategy to improving mental health and overall well-being, and addressing the social, cultural and historical determinants that shape the mental health experience of our communities in their transition to life in the US. In addition to early intervention supports for individuals and families, this strategy helps newcomers build hope, joy and resilience, reduces stigma, and empowers communities to shape mental health by providing a space for integrating their cultural practices and perspectives. 


2013 API Women’s Summit: Building Power, Sharing Our Stories (June 2013)
Holiday Party: River of Life (December 2013)
2014 API Women’s Summit: Building Power, Setting Sail on the River of Life (September 2014)
International Women’s Day: Building Connections (March 2015)

Alameda County Public Health Department-Maternal and Child Health Division
Asian Community Mental Health Services
Asian Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Institute
Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants
Community Health for Asian Americans
Korean Community Center of the East Bay
University of California Berkeley School of Public Health-Center for Public Health Practice

Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services
Alameda County Public Health Department-Maternal and Child Health Division
City of Berkeley Mental Health
Region IX Office on Women’s Health
University of California Berkeley CALPACT Program
Pacific Gas & Electric 
East Oakland Building Healthy Communities (California Endowment) 
Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63)
Office of Minority Health Resource Center