Appeal for Donations for the Devastating Floods in Myanmar

SITUATION – there are severe flood related You have problems throughout the country of Myanmar (Burma),
with Rakhine State the hardest hit – predicted to worsen dramatically
Rakhine State, in western Myanmar has already been pounded by torrential rains – throughout July 2015 – with ensuing floods and damage, and now July 31-August 2 was slammed by Cyclone Komen with deadly heavy rains creating mudslides, landslides, deep flooding, broken bridges and roads, and the spread of disease. The Mrauk-U area – site of the last fabulous and historic royal kingdom – is the most affected by the floods. The impact includes: 46 (and climbing) dead, 200,000 (and climbing) people displaced, damaged infrastructure and caused loss of 5000 hectares of cultivated agricultural land. People are in dire need of clean drinking water, food, shelter, and basic sanitation. Loss of life on a massive scale is a very real possibility, and the crisis is expected to worsen.
The accumulated impact of successive floods, tropical storms and cyclones has increased the vulnerability of the affected population and exhausted their coping mechanisms. Most of the affected people, especially in rural areas were already suffering from extreme poverty, deprivation, and the inter-communal violence before the disaster.
This appeal for emergency assistance for the victims of the 2015 Myanmar Floods is justified as it fulfills the three criteria required (i) the need for emergency shelter, (ii) the quick and constant supply of emergency food, (iii) emergency relief assistance aiming at restoring a degree of normalcy in both the social and economic life of the affected populations as quickly as possible. A massive amount of emergency aid is needed right now – during the rescue and crisis period – to save lives and to protect livelihood when possible, so that people can rebuild, and restart their livelihood once the crisis is over. It is vital that humanitarian aid agencies and the international community support the efforts to bring critical aid to the victims. There is no time to waste. We must not stand by and watch this tragedy unfold and worsen without adequate assistance.
Again, please convey our gratitude to all the emergency humanitarian aid organizations for their ever present support and commitment at this time of emergency.
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We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you for your consideration, compassion, and care in advance.
Nwe oo
California USA
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