Nail Salon AB2437 Needs Your Support! Send letters by 4/13/16 5pm

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Please support AB2437: The Nail Salon Fair Compensation and Competition Act (Ting)

CHAA's Nail Salon Work and Health Project is very happy to let you know that our legislation (AB2437) is now ready to be supported by ALL THE ORGANIZATIONS YOU CAN THINK OF!!

So, please send the email below along with the attachments to any organizations you have relationships with primarily to ask them to submit a letter of support by next Wednesday.

The Vietnamese Nail Salon worker leaders at CHAA, and CHAA as well as Asian Americans Advancing Justice, need your support to get as many letters of support submitted by next Wednesday as possible.


April 6, 2016

Hello Friends and Supporters,

We’re excited: there’s a big opportunity in California to improve working conditions in the nail salon industry!

Community Health for Asian American’s (CHAA) and Asian Americans Advancing Justice request your support for AB2437: The Nail Salon Fair Compensation and Competition Act (Ting).

The nail salon worker leaders and staff at CHAA have been organizing with the Oakland Nail Salon Community for almost five years now and AB2437 begins to address some of the most important issues they’ve identified through their community engagement. The bill will provide culturally and linguistically competent education and outreach regarding wage and hour laws to nail salon worker and owners. Please see the attached fact sheet for more details.

Watch: African American clients and Vietnamese nail salon workers bridge communities!

CHAA Issue Brief: “Achieving a Worker-Driven Vision of Health, Economic, and Environmental Justice”

We need your support now!

AB 2437 is now scheduled for the following legislative hearings that you are invited to attend:

Assembly Business & Professions 
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
9:30 a.m. – State Capitol, Rm. 4202

Should the bill be voted out of Asm. B&P, then AB 2437 will then be heard:

Assembly Labor Committee 
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
1:30 p.m. – State Capitol, Rm. 447

Let us know if you can make it to either of these hearings.

Please send in your letter of endorsement by Wednesday 4/13 at 5PM to Andrew Medina at and Tracy Nguyen at For a template letter of support as well as a fact sheet describing the bill, please email Tracy Nguyen at We ask that you make a few additions to the letter in the highlighted areas and put it on your organizational letterhead. Please digitally sign the email or sign, scan and email.

Thank you so much for your support!