Pray for Nepal; places to donate

 Dear CHAA Family,

As you all know, there was a deadly 7.9 earthquake in Nepal this past Saturday.

There has been huge damage and lots of people are suffering. As of this morning, it is estimated that over 4,000 have died. 

 Thank you for your heartfelt prayers. Many people have been asking how to help. 

 To donate canned food, energy bars, and clothing, there will be a box at the front door in Oakland office near Roxanne’s desk. The goods will be transferred to Liberty Auto in East Oakland which will ship it off on Jet Airways.

 If you want to donate money, there are several organizations you can choose from. While a lot of efforts focus on Kathmandu, fewer resources are likely to penetrate those in smaller villages, especially those in the mountains.

 Here are links:

ACTIONWORKS NEPAL funds focuses on local villages affected (e.g, Jumla, Chitwan).

 SAHAYETA funds focus on reconstruction efforts including public health and safety and long-term rebuilding.

 SEVA FOUNDATION focuses on quality eye care. They are on the ground 

now to provide emergency relief efforts.

 MERCY CORP funds focus on lifesaving relief to survivors.

 DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS is sending eight teams (medical and non-medical) to assist those affected by the earthquake.

 Please feel free to forward to your friends and family.




Anupama Chapagain Parajuli

Community Wellness Advocate

(Nepali and Bhutanese Community)

Certified Covered CA Educator & Enrollment Counselor 

Community Health for Asian Americans

268 Grand Avenue

Oakland, CA 94610

Phone: 510-835-2777