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Dear CHAA Friends,

On behalf of the board and staff at Community Health for Asian Americans, I am pleased to bring you the Fall 2011 edition of our newsletter. In the next pages, please join us in celebrating the diversity of API and other underserved communities and our accomplishments in our work in creating safe, healthy and thriving communities in the Bay Area.

We started 2011 by launching a year-long strategic planning process. Feedback from our stakeholders affirms CHAA’s belief that our programs and strategies need to support the unique strengths and expertise of people from the communities we serve. We know that immigrant populations are changing and newer communities are arriving without adequate support and access to services. For communities such as the Burmese, Bhutanese, Karen, Karenni, Mongolian, Tamil and Tongan, we believe in building language and workforce capacity within these communities so they can lead the change process.

This has been a year of building bridges, both internally across the span of community health programs and externally across the communities we serve. CHAA explored new models and methods to expand our programs and services beyond counseling as evidenced in the strategies, stories and accomplishments described in the following pages. To that end, I am particularly proud of CHAA’s multidisciplinary and multicultural team of 65 staff members who come from myriad cultural and professional backgrounds including psychologists, licensed therapists and counselors, public health specialists, community leaders, organizers and social media bloggers. In addition, I am deeply grateful to all those who have supported CHAA over the past year. Despite the challenging economic trends both in the US and globally, we are encouraged to see that people with means continue to look for meaningful causes to support.

As you read about CHAA, I hope you will agree that CHAA offers a unique opportunity for meaningful giving. We look forward to your support in promoting healing of our communities through strength-based and culturally supportive action and advocacy. CHAA relies on your generosity to make the dream of healthy and thriving communities a reality for all.

Wishing you and your families a lovely holiday season.

Beatrice Lee, MPA
Executive Director

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